Issues with Node Monitor

The node monitor is the single most useful diagnostic tool for debugging workflow across nodes. The main thing is that it’s part of the perspective and it’s not modal. I assume it’s a recent addition, written using swt not swing.

So why is it not better? Suggestions:

  • Include the Node Monitor in the default perspective, don’t make me go looking for it.
  • Allow two Node Monitor windows.
  • Replace the tiny little menu dropdown by separate buttons for Output Table, Configuration, etc
  • Compress the 3 heading lines to a single line, to make more room for table rows
  • Show Configuration should show the node-specific configuration items (from the tab(s) added by the developer), not the system settings (leave those to Show Entire Configuration).

I could go on, but that would be a good start.

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I’m not sure what being modal has to do with membership in a perspective, but it’s a view, so it can behave like an Eclipse view.

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No, the point is that it’s non-modal. The right menu popups for configuration and view table are modal, so you have to click to make them go away before you can do anything else.

The Node Monitor is non-modal, so you don’t. That makes it much better for debugging.

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