Issues with OAuth Connector [BETA] (for Google Search Console API)

Hi everyone,

I’m trying the Google_​Search_​Console_​API workflow by @qqilihq

The very first node - OAuth Connector [BETA] - seems to be broken since I click the button Authorize Access and then:

  1. I get to my browser asking for the Google Account to login
  2. I give consent to access the Google Cloud Project I created and click Continue
  3. I get the following error in my browser

I guess it is a question of wrong ScribeJava reference in Github or something like that - as I can see here - but I’m not really the right person to exactly understand what’s happening.

Is there any way to solve this or is it just me to encounter this error?

Thanks in advance!


Thank for this, @fryfella, I’ll try to investigate.

Could you let me know on which KNIME version you’re running this?


Hi @qqilihq

I’m running version 4.5.2 (Windows).

Hope this helps!

Thank you!

One more thing: Which Palladian version (incl. version of the “OAuth nodes” plugin) are you using?

Update: I was able to reproduce it. Will get back here once we have a fix. Thanks!


Good news :tada:

I was able to fix this! If you’d like access to a pre-release version with the fix, please drop us a line at

Otherwise we will release the next Palladian Nodes release later this month.



All right @qqilihq.

I’ve just written an email at the address you provided.

Please let me know :wink:


Thx – I replied.


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