Issues with process mining extension

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I was trying to download the following workflow
PM4KNIME-Test01-WF-Discovery-01 – KNIME Hub. However, it needs the process mining extension to be installed which I then found here: Process Mining Extension – KNIME Hub

For several others and myself, the latest version of the extension can be installed however, the event log reader does not seem to be recognized. This is what I see in my workflow,

As you can see, all other extension-related nodes can be installed except the event log reader. I tried updating KNIME and uninstalled the extension several times. However, I see the same issue again. Moreover, when the workflow is opened, I get a prompt just for the event log reader node that says

When I click yes, it takes me to this page where it makes me install the same extension

After I click next, it doesn’t let me move forward as it says, the extension has been already installed. This is the error I see.

I don’t know how to get the event log reader node to work. I am not sure if this is an issue with the latest version of the extension or an issue on my end. It would be great if someone could help me out. Thank you and have a wonderful day!

Hi @RijinM,

the Event Log Reader node must be replaced by the current MXML.Reader node or the MXML.GZ Reader node. Both are available in the Process Mining package under IO.

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Thank you @Andrew_Steel ! For this reader, how would I be able to read in a CSV file? Is there a way to convert a CSV file to a format that this reader (MXML reader) requires?

Hi @RijinM,

I hope we are talking about the same topic :wink:

Process Event Logs are xml-based information in a standardized format. The MXML Reader and MXML.GZ Reader nodes can load these xml files for further analysis. The XLog to Table Converter can convert the information into a table in a flat format. The Table to XLog Converter works in the opposite direction. A csv table can be processed accordingly with the CSV Reader and the Table to XLog Converter. Provided that the CSV table also contains the necessary process information.

Here are some Real-world event log examples that can be read with the MXML.[GZ] Reader.

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