Issues with the PATH variable

Recently upgraded to KNIME 4.3.0.

I want to iterate over several files in a directory. I use the List Files/Folders node and then the Table Row To Variable Loop Start node. The issue is that the flow variable output from the List Files/Folders node is a PATH variable (see screenshot in the Node Monitor. forgive the redactions.) and this PATH variable is not available for the DataURL parameter, since this requires a string (see the Configuration panel in the screenshot). Now, I can work around this by converting the variable to a string and some other string manipulation, but it is clearly a bug (AFAIK, though maybe features have changed in the newest release).

Hi @scapuzzi

The File reader node doesn’t support the path varaible, you’ll need to use this node between your loop start and file reader to convert to a string - Path to String (Variable)



perfect! thank you for your help

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