it takes too long for KNIME to open on windows [Solved]

Hi All,
I want to report on a solution so that others benefit too. If you believe this solution helps you, give it a thumbs up.
My Knime 3.7.1 with zillions of extensions were getting slower and slower and last time I measured 6,5 minutes to load. 1 or 2 minutes are ok but more than 2 minutes makes using Knime a pain in the neck :wink: so I searched the forum for a solution. One gentleman proposed to delete the “metadata” folder in knime workspace. I did it and ta daaa!!! it worked. Knime opened in 40 sec. Great!
BUT… All my customizations on views, favorite notes, and Python integration are all gone. Adding insult to the injury, after a few days, my Knime boot time shot back to the 3-minute range.

UNTIL I came across to two KNIMER gentlemen in the Summit namely Marc BUX and Mark ORTMANN.
They checked my machine and come up with the root cause of the issue, which is;
windows defender. we added Knime installation folder and Knime-workspace to the exclusion list in the anti-virus software.
Now my Knime boots up happily in 47 sec. Lives saved minute by minute :slight_smile:
Thanx guys for your help…
Kudos to you.

Note to Knime Developer team: Can you put a procedure into the installation to poke the user to add Knime folders to Anti virus exclusion list?


Great. Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:


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