Iterate and extract topics from each row separately


I have an excel file that i want to extract topics from each row to be reprensted in tagCloud and to do a graph later to try to know if some project have similar topics or not.(every row have a description of Bio-project) .

So there is my idea,i try to iterate every row with -table row to variable row loop start-,and to extract topics and send it to a tagCloud.

The problem is that i have the same result every iterate,

Any help please.




I found the poblem and i fix it: i have a problem with the flow variables so i just replace some variables.

but now, i want to save the result of tagscloud into a simple table , so i used Image to table , but when the loop finish executing i found just the last one,

Any help please.

Hello majdi,

Thanks for sharing your solution!

The problem with only the last iteration shown has two reasons:

For the Image To Table node it is because it is in the loop and therefore only receives the data passed in the current iteration. To get the whole data you had to somehow concatenate the intermediate results and then concactenate them in a different Loop End.

If you want to have all the images from each iteration in a table, then you need to use a Image to Table node, replace the Variable Loop End with one that can handle tables and still does what you want and then push the result of the Image to Table into the Loop End.

To get all the images on your disc you need to configure your Image Port Writer to use a different file name each iteration. For this you need Flow Variables


Hello ferry,

Thank you for responce.

i try to edit my workflow like you say but i have some problem.

So,this is what i am doing:

- In every iteration,i save the picture in my disc,so when the loop end i found all the tagcloud saved.

-then i do another workflow and try to read all images ,get the name of every image with images proprities and delete the extension from the name of file with java code.

-i use the joiner to associate every images with the description of its project.

and this is the result: