Iterate through two columns with a different number of rows and compare dates.

Hi all,

New to the KNIME platform. I have just started to understand the tooling however I’ve been stuck on a task for several days and need some help.

I have two tables, and I am wanting to compare the dates between them. Example of my tables below:

date stay

date change

So, for example in “Date Stay” I want to compare the date in row0 to every date in “Date Change”. And I want to determine the difference between dates (e.g. 6M 10 days) and store the results in a new column.

Hello @emily_memko and welcome to the KNIME community

You can test ‘Cross Joiner’ node; this node will avoid loops and increase performance:


P.S. ‘Rule-Engine’ or ‘Rule-based Row Filter’ node comparing columns, will do the final job.


As @gonhaddock suggested you could try crossjoiner and then Date&Time difference node


Thank you for that suggestion, works exactly how I want. I never even looked into that node.


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