iterator.self() in Jython?

Shouldn't the iterator class support iterator.self()? All I seem to get to work is, which is unsuitable for my needs (of creating a running sum)... Two iterators won't work either, or even calling .next() twice to get every second row - any idea of what I might be doing wrong?


Hi E.,

the iterator (in the example script in the node) is an iterator over DataRows from the input DataTable, so it supports the java-methods hasNext() and next().
You can call the next() method twice to get every second row and you can have two iterators, I haven't encountered any problems with that. Maybe you can send me an example script so I can see what is going wrong.
I don't know what the iterator.self() method is, I suppose it's something python-specific, maybe you can explain what you want to achieve with this method.

- Nicolas

For what I understood (or hoped to understand) from Python docs I found, iterator.self() would give a pointer to the current element, as opposed to the next one... but probably I was mistaken. Anyway, Python != Jython, and even within Jython one has to be careful about the version, that's what I know for sure now.

About calling .next() twice - I was just about to explain you when I saw where my thinking was failing. It's solved now, I'll eventually post a Jython runing sum snippet if you wish. :-)


P.S.: Is adding extra output colums scriptable somehow? Having to do it in the dialog makes for rather unflexible scripts... A flexibility prerequsite would be being able to iterate across columns, too - is that possible?