I've lost my flows. Am I lost?

I switched the machine. Then I backed up the files(flows) to Onedrive. Sad discovery when opening the flows. The nodes are gone. Am I lost? Is there any safely backing up streams?

I see the archives and folders

When I opened the flow the nodes disappeared. Just got the note.

@Aldemir maybe you could check if your OneDrive has these limitations for special characters (Restore Knime workflows - #6 by mlauber71) and also you might want to read up these hints:

The KNIME server does have a versioning system, the basic edition does not (yet).


Hi @Aldemir ,

I’m not quite sure from this if you are trying to open the knime workflow from the One Drive copy, or from the workspace on your PC.

If from the One Drive copy:

From your screenshot it looks like some of your workflow subfolders are only “on the cloud” (those one with the cloud icon). These aren’t physically occupying space on your disk. The ones with the green tick are present locally. For KNIME to be able to use the subfolders containing details of the nodes, I would expect that the files have to be locally present, as KNIME simply trying to access references to them is probably not enough to cause One Drive to download them for you.

This is probably why the details for those nodes appears to be missing.

Try right-clicking on all those with the blue cloud icon, in Windows Explorer, and choosing “always keep on this device”.

Further info re One Drive icon meanings:

(from Save disk space with OneDrive Files On-Demand for Windows - Microsoft Support)

If from a physical workspace on your PC

Looking at the log and the screenshots, the log is trying to find the files in:
c:\Users\EFIM\knime-workspace but this is not the location in OneDrive, so I want to check if you have actually physically copied the backups from onedrive into the expected workspace location?
(maybe post a screenshot of the workflow folder and its subfolders, to check everything is there)


Thank you for your help. I’m copying to my HARD drive. I think I would have to export the flows. Would that be the ideal way to back them up?

A friend gave the idea to zip the files and then back up on Onedrive. This avoids losing anything because of special characters or other situation. I thought it was a good idea, but I still think Knime should have some resources to meet this sensitive process.

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