Java 7 / Eclipse Indigo

Dear KNIME Guys,

i'm curious if there are any plans to support Java 7 and Eclipse Indigo in the near future? If so, do you have a rough timeline in mind?

Both products have been released about 9-10 month ago, and especially the new concurrency features of Java 7 (i.e. fork/join) could provide a great benefit in developing parallelized KNIME nodes.

I'm looking forward to your answers.




Unfortunately both new versions of Java and Eclipse cause all kinds of problems starting from strange dialog behaviour up to incompatible plug-in versions and non-working updates. It is not an easy task to fix all these and not high priority at the moment, since the advantages are rather small. If you want to use the fork-join feature from Java 7 you can use the library from

Thank you thor for the useful link!

Altough i agree with you that there are no major advantages, there will be an end-of-life of Java 6, which is currently announced for Nov/12. The new features of Java 7 are not an absolute must-have, therefore i'm asking only for a rough timeline. I already tried to run knime under java 7 and saw the loads of errors... i admit, fixing them might not be easy at all.