Java 8u272 Update Warning

Dear customers,

Today, we came across an issue where Java 8 Update 272 breaks secured LDAP authentication in Tomcat. Therefore, we strongly advise to not update to this version.

This is an issue in Java itself, so there is nothing we can do on the KNIME side to fix this. There is also no known workaround. The only way to handle this is to not update Java now, but instead wait for a future Java version where this is fixed.

In case you already are on Java 8u272, please revert the upgrade to the previous version.



We just got confirmation from the OpenJDK developers that a fix for this regression will be included in the next Java 8 release (likely 8u275) which will be released soon.

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8u275 has been released and includes a fix for the LDAP/TLS regression. It may take several days until the new version shows up in Linux distributions.

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