error while scheduling my workflow

Hi ,

While I am trying to set up a schedule to my work flows ,ı received an error code.
İt is the first time that ı received that error. Before ı used schedule lots of time without taking any error.

Do you have an idea how can ı fix this error

Thank you

Hi @Serhat.Evrenosoglu,

there seems to be a problem with one of the installed plugins. Can you provide us information about which KNIME Analytics Platform version you are using and on which operating system? Also, can you attach the knime log file, this will help us finding the problem.

Thank you,


Hi @christian.dietz

We are using KNIME Analytics Platform 3.4.0.(operation system Windows 8) but although my friend is using 3.5.2 version,she is taking the same error log while setting up her work flows too.

As you wish I attached the knime log file.

Thank you for your helpknimelog( (3.1 KB)

Hi @Serhat.Evrenosoglu,

the log-file seems to be a little short. Sure there is not more content? Also which node is failing? Any chance you can provide a screenshot or the workflow itself?



Hi Christian,

Node is too short because I think the fail is not related with the node,it happens when we are trying to set up our workflows.When we don’t use schedule our workflows work properly. I attached the workflows and their screenshot.

Waiting your respence ,

Thank youknime-workspace-error.xlsx (495.2 KB)


Could you copy-paste the contents from View > Open KNIME log into a fresh text file after the error has occurred and attach the file here?


Hi Jon,

I attached KNIME log text file .

Thank you. knime_log1.docx (470.8 KB)

The error happens on the server-side, the client is only reporting the message from the server. Therefore you need to have a look at the server’s log files.