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What should i do if KNIME throws this error

Anyone please!!!

Can you share your workflow or at least a pic of it with a more detailed description of where the error is occurring?


could you please share you workflow ?

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Simple XLSX Excel Format Component Demo (2).knwf (758.8 KB)

this is the workflow

What version of KAP are you using?

@takbb Can you help? The XLS Simple Format Controller component you wrote is the apparent failure point.

@suseearun ,

encountered an error in your workflow, as shown in the following image:


This error occurred because I found an unused case switch node in the nested component:e.

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thanks @tqAkshay95 and @rfeigel

@suseearun it looks like you are still using a saved copy of the component demo that you saved before the Continental nodes were fully installed, and as such this resulted in the disconnected nodes within the component.

We dealt with the specific issue that @tqAkshay95 encountered already, on this post:

re the error, I don’t see that error when I attempt to run that workflow. As I said in the other post though, that workflow is corrupted (due to the Continental nodes not having been installed when you saved it), so you need to use a new copy of it, or at least pull down a fresh copy of the component from the hub.

As a reminder, the (uncorrupted) original of that demo workflow can be downloaded from here:

Also, I find it a little confusing that in your first screenshot containing the error, the workflow that is behind the error message:

is clearly not the one you uploaded which looks like this:

Perhaps you can clarify when this error occurs?