Java Script Bar Chart: Bars are only shown at Mouse Over

Dear Knimer,

the 'Java Script Bar Chart' shows a strange behavior:  Bars are only shown at Mouse Over. Im using KNIME 3.2 on Windows 10 Prof.

Yoe can reproduce it as follows: Create a WF with 'Table Creator'-> 'Java Script Bar Chart', where the 'Table Creator' creates a Table having one column with values: 'a','a','a','b'b'.

Executing the 'Java Scripr Bar Chart' node ends with a view showing NO bars - but some other chart information. Moving the mouse over the empty area (where you would expect the graphic) , shows the bars.



Hi Erich,

thank you for reporting this issue, which we are unfortunately already aware of. It is based on the Windows 10 browser.

I will let you know as soon as we have a solution for this one.



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Hey Iris,

I have the same problem with Windows 7 Professional 64 Bit.


Hey Iris,

is there already a solution for this problem?



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Guys any find solutions?? I have to do project. please!!

please make sure that in File>Preferences>JavaScript Views, the Bundled Chromium Browser is selected.

The error message is “could not initialize chrome driver. Check log for more details.”

Hi @Kemalunel.
Does that error message appears when the “Generate Image” option in Bar Chart node is not selected?
In my knime KNIME 4.1.2 installation on Win 10 x64, the node interactive view using the bundled Chromium Browser, correctly shows the bars.
I think there is something in your configuration that can cause the error. Which KNIME AP version are you running?

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Not selected generate image. I don’t understand what am i doing wrong. :frowning:

Please help me!! I have project in my university :frowning:

Hi there @Kemalunel,

have you made any progress? Have you checked log for more details?