Java Snippert Popular Error (once fixed)



I have the updated version of Knime, and once again very popular error with java snipped node appears - the one where You are not able to write anything. It was fixed previously but I have no idea why it is still randomly reappears.



This error while be fixed with the next release coming out in December.

... but you can deinstall the RapidMiner extension from the Community to fix that for the moment. Go to Help > About KNIME > Installation Details > Installed Software select the RapidMiner Extension for KNIME and deinstall it. Restart KNIME. Sorry for the hassle.

Hi Gabriel,

Could you tell me more about the problem? Did I make something that made things obfuscated (in RapidMiner integration)? Can I fix it somehow?

Thanks, gabor

I encountered ssimilar error too. But in my case im not being able to use arrows keys and Enter.

And i dont have RapidMiner extension installed. 

Same here. I have version from Jan 16 2013 - and the problem still exist. It is really annoying - how we can get rid of it?

Dear all:

We can now reproduce the problem under Mac and Windows (not under Linux! Let us know if you can). We see the behavior that "deepminer" has reported, which is you can't get off the line you are currently editing.

We'll look into it.

In the meantime, a 'slight' workaround is that Shift+Enter performs the function of enter when this bug strikes.  (And No, I'm afraid Shift+ arrow keys does not restore their function, but at least you can add more then one line of snippet!)