"Java Snippet" missing in "KNIME Core"

I try to run example 31_Histopathology_Blog_post from Examples 50_Applications on a Windows instance in Google Cloud Platform.
But I have a problem in workflow 01_Preprocessing.
When I run this flow I get the error Java Snippet missing.
Then KNIME will install KNIME Core (again?)
But nothing is installed.
What do I wrong?
Has anybody run example 31_Histopathology without errors on KNIME 3.6.2 ?

Could be the same problem as this one:

It very much is. Can you use our nightly build for KNIME Image Processing as described in KNIME Core Extension Nodes missing with version 3.6.2 update - #16 by gab1one? We’re on it!

It works! Thank you.

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