Java Snippet (new) - Global Variables are System Variables?

Hello, just a quick thing I noticed:


I found that the "system variables" section in the "newer" Java Snippet can be used global variables.  The only thing I've seen mentioned regarding global variables in the description is this:


"Note, that the snippet allows to define custom global variables and custom imports."


But doesn't mention that these system variables are in-fact global variables!  Took me a while to figure this out.



Hi Ed.

Not quite. I think the confusion is part by the collapsed code fragment. The "system variables" are non-modifiable variables, which are automatically inserted by the editor when you add an in- or output column (or flow variable). Note the '+' sign in front of the comment "// system variables". If you expand it you will see unmodifiable code that reflects those fields.

Below the "system variables" (which you really should not care about) there is a modifiable comment "// custom variables". This is where you can add your own variables. The documentation refers to this section.

Same story for the system and custom imports.

Hope that clarifies a bit.






Yeah it does, thank you for the advice :)