Java snippet requested to convert nurmber into words

I want to add a column to my tables which will show numbers from another column in words (Indian format). I found a couple of web pages which share java code for such conversion but I could not adapt them for use in "java snippet" node in knime. These are the web pages:

VBA function is available in lots of websites for doing this task in Excel and Access but I want to do it directly in knime, if possible. I'll be grateful for any help.


here is an example workflow using a java snippet.

The functions are declared in the custom variables part. The code that will run for each row of input is in the Enter your code here part. 

The function can be recurrsive and so is used to pick up the units successively. 

It gives the idea, but I hvae not made it grammatically correct. It's also in English.

Hope it helps. Should give you a flavour of what to do anyway.



I cannot see any link to the above mentioned workflow.

oops, sorry

Thanks for your kind reply Sir. I'll need some time to understand the code.

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