Java Snippets: additional libraries set with variable vs knime://...


there's a java snippet I wrote which uses an external .jar library. The .jar path is defined a variable, because I cannot use the knime://LOCAL/ notation and therefore I need to check the exact location first.

The behaviour is a bit inconsistent when this path was set manually yet. In that case, the editor complains that it cannot resolve the classes contained in the .jar file, but the node executes apparently fine. Only when I set the path manually right at least once (without using the variable), the editor stops complaining.

Could this be related to the fact that I am only setting the path of the jar (array element 0), but not the size of the array containing the paths?

Anyhow, supporting the knime://... paths would be the best solution in my eyes.



This is the standard behaviour for all options set via flow variables: you first need to provide a valid configuration in the dialog. The flow variables are only evaluated in the node and not in the dialog.

Supporting the knime-protocol is on our long list.

After loading an older workflow, I had to provide a new "dummy" configuration for all of Java Snippet nodes using the jar file. They were running fine when I saved them at the time of Knime 2.8.2.

But as long as that's not a recurring problem, this is ok.