Java was started but returned exit code=13 error after Knime update to 4.5

I recently updated Knime to version == 4.5 & updated all nodes patches. Since after restarting knime it’s throwing this the java error code= 13. I even reinstalled Java Eclipse.
Can someone please guide. I’m struck on a important task to complete.


Hi @sathya_159 ,

sorry for the late reply: In case you didn’t find a solution yourself, it looks like exit code=13 has to do with incompatible architectures (64bit vs 32 bit) of java.

If you are developing maybe this topic might help?

If you are trying to use the KNIME AP, there should be no need to install eclipse separately, downloading and unzipping KNIME should work out of the box.

To repair the existing installation, you could add a -clean to the knime.ini in the KNIME installation folder (make sure to remove it again, as it slows down the startup of KNIME).

Please let me know if this helps! Best regards,


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