JavaScript Bar Chart: Possible to change how x-labels are displayed?


in the JavaScript Bar Chart, is it possible to Change how the x-axis Labels are displayed? I use dates on the x-axis, which I need to have as strings (correct?) since date&time cannot be processed. What I would like to have:

  • Only every third date-label is displayed, while all the bars in between are displayed anyway.

  • The date-labels are displayed vertically, so that they don’t overlap.

I did not find any way of achieving this.

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Hi Leon,
You are right, currently there are only limited options to change the display of the labels on X-axis. We are working on improving that.
The possible solution for you for now could be to “Stagger labels” or to plot a horizontal bar chart.



okay, thank you for the answer. The JFreeChart “GroupBy Bar Chart” incorporates more (but not everything!) of what I would like to have, so I just use that.

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There was any improvement in that sense? I woluld like to visualize the x-axsis label in a Line Plot vertically as horizontally are overlapped and impossible to read.

Many thanks