Javascript views: legend is cut and labels are not readable in full

I’m using javascript view nodes to create nice plots and charts that can be rendered in the WebPortal/Composite view. The problem is that often the legend of the charts/plots is cut and the labels are not readable in full (see attached figure). Is there a way (solution or workaround) to avoid this and allow longer labels in legends?

Hi @gcincilla ,

unfortunately, I wouldn’t know of another way other than shortening the labels intentionally with e.g. a String manipulation node. You could of course write your own Sunburst Chart with JavaScript and the Generic JavaScript Node or with Python and a Python View Node, but that requires a bit of scripting-knowledge - I’m happy to assist!

Since our views are rewritten currently, I added a +1 from you under our internal reference AP-11147.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks still for reaching out and reporting!
Kind regards, Lukas

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Hi @LukasS, thank you for your suggestions. I’ll have a look at the workarounds while waiting for the AP-11147 :wink:

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