Javasript interactive views dont work. WARN WizardNodeView Unable to retrieve value from view


Sometimes we get this error:

WARN WizardNodeView Unable to retrieve value from view

when we try to visualize a javascript view. Restarting KAP solves the problem, until next time. But as you could imagine, we cannot assume doing this every time the representation fails.

This is our configuration:

Any suggestion??

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Hello @jricgar,

Are there any additional messages logged in either View -> Open KNIME log or Help -> About KAP -> Installation Details -> Configuration (top) -> View Error Log (bottom) after the Javascript View is failing?
Looking at the provided screenshot: Have you already tried to change the Javascript View Settings to the Bundled Headless Chrome?
On which OS is the machine running the Analytics Platform?


Hello Michael,

We are running KAP on Windows 10 Enterprise.

After closing any unresponsive window (e.g. Heatmap):

We get this log message:

2022-05-04 08:16:46,619 : WARN : main : : WizardNodeView : : : Unable to retrieve value from view

We have never tried to change de default Javascript Views configuration.


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Hi @jricgar, are you using the latest AP, i.e. 4.5.2?

And do you have some more information about the circumstances when it’s happening? Is there a pattern?

Sorry about my delay, I was on paternity leave.

Yes, v4.5.2.

No more info or pattern, sorry.


Hello everyone,

I am experiencing similar behavior. The Javascript nodes do not show anything in the interactive view and after closing the window with the empty view I get the same message: “WARN WizardNodeView Unable to retrieve value from view”.

I am curious to see if there is any solution to this issue.


Hi @cmcaba and welcome to the forum.

What version of KNIME AP are you using, and on what OS? Have you tried changing the browser in the Javascript View settings from CEF to bundled Chromium, or vice versa?

Hello @ScottF,

Thanks for your quick reply!

I was using version 4.5.2. I have tried to use different configurations in the JavaScript Views, however it did not work at all with other configurations. I got some errors, for which I did not take screenshots unfortunately.

For the JS config, in my case the options are depicted in the screenshot below:

I have downloaded the new KNIME, 4.6.1, and this version works fine. I have loaded the same workflow which did not work in the previous version, and it works well in the new version: the JS plots are showing well every time I open the interactive view to see the plot.


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Glad you were able to arrive at a solution with 4.6.1 :slight_smile:

Hello, I been having the same issue. I am unable to update to the latest version of knime and have to use version 4.5.1 because that is what our server is using. Is there anyway to get the Javscript interactive views to work on this version of knime? I have the same setting on windows 10 and get the same wizardnoeview error.

Thank you

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