JDBC Driver Error

I have this ETL workflow that’s been deployed to server and needs to run every hour. I’ve updated the preferences file and specified the location of the drivers. The issue I encounter is the following: the workflow is executed a couple of times and then suddenly i get the error message that it didn’t find the drivers. In order to solve the issue, I need to restart the server and the executor and than it’s working again until the next incident. I posted the sequence of workflow jobs execution and the error message I get for the ones that didn’t successfully execute. The third line is related to a loop I have in place inside the workflow and it’s not what’s stopping the process.

Did anyone encountered the same issue?



Hi Lucian,

We’d need to see the log files for the executor in order to dig a little deeper into that issue. Feel free to send them to me by DM.



Hi Jon,

Actually @RolandBurger helped me with this issue. I replaced the preferences file with much simplified one referring only to drivers and python and so far I didn’t get the issue anymore.