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I am a JMP software user and I have just joined the community. I am trying to see if I can replace JMP with Knime. I frequently use a chart in JMP called the Variability Chart which looks like this:


It is basically a box plot or a scatter plot which separates and plots data based on groups of variables used as x-axis. The example above shows only a two-level grouping for the x-axis but you can have as many as you wish. It is a very handy chart for depicting large sets of data. I was wondering if it is possible to generate something like that through an existing Knime node or through one of its extensions (R, Python, etc.). Any insight is appreciated.

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Hi Sherwin,

we are happy to hear that you consider to switch from JMP to KNIME.

This particular plot is a bit tricky. There is no easy way to make a box plot with multi-level groups. For a single group split you can use

This kind of visualisation looks indeed useful so I will make a ticket in our internal system to add it to TODO list.

Looking around, it seems that such plot is also not available in either python or R out-of-the-box. You can do it for 2 levels showing second level as a color. See python example and R example. But I was not able to find tools to display such plots for more than 2 levels (other than showing multiple individual plots side-by-side).



Thanks Mischa for the time you took to respond.
It is a bit surprising to see that apparently only JMP can produce such charts given how brilliant and useful they are. I hope to see it added to the Knime’s visualization tools in near future.

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