I try to configure JMSConnector node to send messages to ActiveMQ, but I receive the following errors:

ERROR JMSConnector         0:1        [KNIME-Worker-42] Error initializing JNDI Factory
ERROR JMSConnector         0:1        Execute failed: javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: KnimeManagementQueue

Hi Natachullea,

JMSConnected are part of Stable Community Contributions and their description and source code could be found here

We are in a contact with the developer of the node developer and hopefully we'll be able to help you out soon.


Hi Natachullea,

JMSConnector uses JNDI to dinamycally discover JMS Client implementations. To be able to do that, the client library JAR file should be specified first.
Having said that, I would need to see your JMS Provider Tab under the configure dialog. Could you please take a screenshot?

Many thanks!

Yes, of course.

Yes, of course.

Hi Natashullea,

I've been trying to reproduce your error but I was not able. However, I found some compatibility issues with newer versions of ActiveMQ.

Using KNIME 3.5.1 + this ActiveMQ docker Image + activemq-all-5.8.0_1.jar, I could send and receive messages.

Could you please try this combination and let me know the results?

Many thanks :)

In case you need the jar file, you can download it here

Could you please take a screenshot of JMS Provider Tab and JNDI Provider Tab under the configure dialog?

Sure! Please find them attached.