Job offer: 6 month research position at BfR in Berlin

Hi everyone,

did not know whether this is the right place to post our job offer, but hopefully those of you that are currently looking for a new one will have a look into this forum.

In case of any questions feel free to get back to me or to Mrs. Käsbohrer - as announced in the attached desciption.

Merry Christmas,



Matthias Filter
Bundesinstitut für Risikobewertung

Fachgruppe Epidemiologie und Zoonosen
Abteilung 4  - Biologische Sicherheit
Federal Institute for Risk Assessment
Unit Epidemiology and Zoonoses
Department 4  - Biological Safety
Max-Dohrn-Straße 8–10, 10589 Berlin, Germany
Tel. +49 30 18412-2209
Fax +49 30 18412-2952