Job Offer: RNA-targeted drug discovery at start-up in Japan

Hi there.
We are a biotech venture with a focus on an RNA-targeted small molecule drug discovery platform. Currently, we are actively seeking talented individuals with strong bioinformatics skills to join our team. If you have proficiency in Python or Julia and are experienced with KNIME, we’d love to hear from you.

While our headquarters are in Japan, our team is truly international, with over half of our employees hailing from various countries. As a result, English is our primary working language and some of us cannot speak Japanese.

If you’re interested in contributing to cutting-edge research and working in a diverse and dynamic environment, please visit our Careers page for detailed information and application instructions: Careers.

We look forward to hearing from motivated individuals who are passionate about advancing the field of RNA-targeted drug discovery. Join us in our mission to make a difference in the world of biotechnology!

Thank you.


Sounds exciting @corgikenhouse! Thanks for posting about it.

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I am delighted that KNIME skills are now being recognized in Japan as well.


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