job on failure is not available?

i have a batch process running on the server. The batch process calls a local workflow (call local workflow table based). There are some phyton nodes in this workflow. sometimes the workflow crashes. However, I can not debug this because it seems “retain job on failure” is being ignored, or is it automatically deleted after a few hours?
Can I set this somewhere so that the crashed execution is not “deleted”?.

Hello @Tim8200,
Jobs are kept for a specific amount of time which is defined in the server configuration:

com.knime.server.job.max_lifetime=<duration with unit, e.g. 60m, 36h, or 2d> [RT]
Specifies the time of inactivity, before a job gets discarded (defaults to 7d), negative numbers disable forced auto-discard.

If this is only a couple of hours for you, someone must have changed that, because the default is 7 days, ample time to debug the job.
Kind regards,

Hello @AlexanderFillbrunn
thanks for the information.
our admin set this to 2h for other reasons.
We will check it out, thanks. !

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