Jobs/Schedules API Request on Business Hub


In our previous utilization of Knime Server, we relied upon specific API calls, such as:

  • rest/v4/jobs
  • rest/v4/scheduled-jobs

These API endpoints facilitated the retrieval, execution, and modification of job schedules within a workflow.

I am currently inquiring whether similar functionalities are available within Knime Business Hub. If so, I kindly request any relevant documentation or resources pertaining to these functionalities.

Your assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your attention to this request.

Kind Regards,


Hello @Wayneborg,

I assume these functionalities using API should be available also on KNIME Business Hub. Check this part of documentation to see how to access API documentation:


Thanks Ivan, that’s what I was looking for. Is the Authentication the same as before as well as I’m getting 401 using Basic Auth.

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You are welcome @Wayneborg. Don’t know much about authentication options so can’t help with it. My experience it’s that KNIME’s documentation is well written so if you don’t find it there or figure it out on your own hopefully someone from KNIME team is your best shot when it comes to commercial product.

I actually figured it out. You need to create an API Key from Knime Hub itself and use that as Basic Credentials.
Thanks for all your help Ivan!

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