Join 2 columns based on "Subject / Text"

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Hello everyone,

I need some solutions or suggestions. I’m having some columns where there is a subject for every incoming mail and outgoing mail. I would like to know whether it is a match based on subject and the outcome should come as “Matched” or “Not matched” based on the text and text is not the same always.

Can anyone suggest me please?


Hello @ngumpena,

if I got it right you could use Rule Engine node to compare Subject columns. If same output “Matched” and otherwise output “Not Matched”.


Hey @ngumpena, I’ve got a few recommendations to look into based on your comment that the email subjects will not always match exactly:

The reason why I’ve shared a bunch of text cleanup resources is because it can help standardize/normalize the text before you attempt to join it via the Joiner or Rule Engine nodes. This may not catch everything, but simple cleanup steps like converting all text to lowercase, normalizing the number of spaces between words, and removing instances of “RE” or “RE:” will help you correctly identify matches more frequently.

I hope one or more of these resources is helpful to you!


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