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Hi everyone,

I just want to ask for your opinion on how to join multicolumns. But if the columns or the number of columns that will be joined is changing, how will I do this? Like for example, on the first execution, I will join Column A, B and C. The next execution is just A and C only. The number of columns to be joined depends on the user if he/she wants to join this number of columns. It may be A and B only, or B and C only, or A, B, and C. The maximum columns here is 20 columns that can be joined.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Skyefrancis

Can you be more clear about what you mean by joining?

If you can provide some example data, and an example of your desired output under various scenarios, that would be helpful as well.


Hi elsamuel

Thank you for the response,
It’s like this.

For isntance the user only wants the column A and C, So the Output will be A and C only. It depends on the user on what column he/she wants the output to be. It’s like its not permanent. I used the joiner, but it will be an error since there’s a setting on the joiner that chooses the columns you need to join.

Thanks in advance.

Hi there @Skyefrancis,

are you changing columns based on which you are performing join or columns you would like to see after join? Think both is possible just trying to figure it out before making suggestions/examples :slight_smile:


Hi @ipazin,

Yes. I am changing columns. Sorry for the unclear question.

@Skyefrancis, is there a reason why the user has to pick the columns to be joined up front?

It’s probably easiest to join all the columns first, then use a column filter to let the user pick which ones to keep/display.

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Hi @elsamuel,

Every column is a calculated values which was also decided by the user. For example, Column A is a calculated value of x1 and x2, or x2 and x3, etc. which i already did. I just want to combine these columns of every calculation defined by the user.

Thank you.

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