Join on multiple keys

Hi !
I would like to do a left outer join on two tables based on more around 30 keys. How to do this ? Thanks for your help !


Hmmm, where exactly do you have troubles? You can chose more than one column to join in the Joiner node’s config, can’t you?

– Philipp


I tried to choose several keys with the joiner node but some missing values appeared. My left table is the one with all features and some are encoded. My right table contains the encoded features with theirs labels. The result I want is a table with all the features and the encoded ones with their labels

It would be really helpful to see an example.

Table 1
|col 1| |col 2| |col3| (where col2 et col3 are the encoded variables)
A 50 11
B 30 24

Table 2 (where label 2 and label 3 are col2 and col3’s labels)
|col2| |label2| |col3| |label3|
|30 | | ‘between 30 and 39’ | |11| |‘France’|
|50 | | ‘between 50 and 69’ | |24| |‘Italy’|

The result :
|col 1| |col 2| |col3| |label2| |label3|
|A| |50 | | 11 | | ‘between 50 and 69’ | |‘France’|
|B | |30 | | 24| | ‘between 30 and 39’ | |‘Italy’|

Hi there @chlovi,

using Joiner with Left Outer Join option will give you your desired result. Missing values will appear under labels for each row from left table that doesn’t have a matching in right table. Do you need example or you want to share example where you are not getting your desired result?


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I want to join these tables in order to put the labels (second table) of the encoded variables (first table):

When I use the joiner node with the following settings :

I have the following result :

Switch the table inputs, make sure you have the appropriate data you want to view included under the “Column Selection” tab.

Hi @chlovi,

and that seems like a proper result judging from your data cause you are trying to join when all joining columns are matched. Are you maybe looking for other option “Match any of the following”?


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