Join table with same columns and repeating rows


I have a table of time series of electrical consumption. i have extracted some features like hour of the day, day of week, month of year. i have to add to each row the sum of the consumption for that specific hour, of each day of each month

say i have a row which is 10AM of tuesday of July. i want add a column called sum which will be the sum of all 10AM of all the 4 tuesday in the july month. similar for every hour of every day of the whole year.

i have used groupby node to find the sum like i wanted. but i can not match these summed values and join this data to the original table according to each hour, of each day, of each month.

how can i do this ? I have attached the workflow. please excuse of the messy nodes i have used in my workflow. i am beginner.



Hi manojmanivannan,

You would need to export the data together with the workflow in order to give the possibility to read the data in the workflow. In order to do that you need to uncheck the option "Exclude data from Export" in the Export KNIME workflow(s) dialog.