Join two tables on interval of dates

We are trying to find the best way to join two tables (A and B) with a join condition that requires to match a date (in table A) between two dates (in table B).
We saw that the joiner node does not allow to match columns in other way than exact match.
We cannot use cross / cartesian joins because the two tables are quite big in volume.
Could you suggest a solution, please?
Thanks a lot for you help.


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Hi @cristina_piussi

First thing that comes to mind to eliminate the issue with the cross join on row volumes would be to loop through the dates in the master table, then do the cross join?

This might be slow depending on the number of dates



Hello @cristina_piussi,

check out this topic:

Option missing there seems to be Cross Joiner + Rule-based Row Filter in streaming mode.



I think your solution with the dictionary binner should work right? Have done this in the past as well using this node but forgot about it so thanks for reminding me


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