join two tables

Hello !
I need help.
Maybe someone will know how to combine these two tables.

Hello @spastor

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The Joiner node Join example workflow – KNIME Hub might be what you are looking for

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You can’t have duplicate column headers, so you can’t get X and Y twice.

@knimediger , the Joiner node will not produce the results that @spastor is looking for. With the Joiner node, you can get the columns ID, A1, X, Y. Note, this has nothing to do with the duplicate headers that I raised.

Okay, you are right,
Probably I will have to use a loop
Name column can be different.
For example:

Hello @spastor,

you need to use GroupBy node based on ID on your second table with aggregation method List for each column. Then you can use above mention joiner node to bring List columns to your first table. Close it with couple of Split Collection Column nodes.

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