Joiner (Full Outer Join mode)

I have two csv with each containing a string (protein name) and a decimal (ratio) column. I would like to join them completely using the string (protein name) as key.

When strings are present in both csv the Joiner works as expected. When the string is only present in the left csv input, the right decimals are missing. Also as expected.

When the string is only present in the right csv input, the left decimals are missing (as expected) but so are the strings (protein names), see joiner_leftmissing.png How can I keep the strings (protein names) that correspond to the decimals (ratios) in the last column?

Hi Lars,

This is a bit of an educated guess, but I think what you are looking for is the checkbox in the 2nd tab of the joiner, near the bottom which says something like "remove right joining column".  Make sure that this is disabled. Also, be aware that we have a nice node for column merging which may be useful (Column Merger)

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Many thanks! That solved my problem. A combination of Joiner and Column Merger gets me the table I need. Great support!

You are very welcome!