Joiner: Match type

I am new to KNIME and currently working on the project which should move some “SQL logic” to KNIME.
I am trying to join two tables using Joiner. Option “Match” is exclusive: “All of the following” or “any of the following”.
I would like to combine both of them. In SQL that would be like:
first condition and second condition and (third condition OR fourth condition).

(third condition OR fourth condition) is actually problem, because I cannot group the selected conditions and I need to choose between All/any for all conditions.

Any way this problem can be solved in KNIME?

Thanks for your help!

Hi @volsebna and welcome to the Knime Community.

I don’t think it’s possible to combine OR and AND unfortunately. A workaround would be to do this using 2 Joiner nodes. You probably want to do your OR first, and then the AND ones after.

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Hi @bruno29a and thanks for your help.
The problem is that the first joiner (OR) has then one output, but the second joiner needs two data inputs (AND)?

Hi @volsebna,
you can also think about a use of 2 joiner nodes and afterwards use a concatenate node.
E.g. First joiner fulfill criteria a,b and c. The second joiner node fulfill criteria a, b and d. The concatenate node brings both together.


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Hi @volsebna , that should not be an issue. You can re-join on the same table, like this:


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