Joiner node misinterpret duplicated column name pattern as duplicate column name in the left and right table

Hi there,

we are experiencing not expected behavior in the joiner node when there is column with name in the format of duplicate column name (e.g., “column1 (#1)”) and the option “Do not execute” for duplicate column names handling is selected.

The joiner node ends with error “Do not execute with ambiguous column names is selected: Column column1 appears both in left and right table.” which one would expect means the column “column1” is present in both input tables but it is not the case. The error is returned when you just rename any column in any input table so it ends with " (#1)", i.e., has the duplicate column name pattern.

Btw., this happens to us in KNIME 4.7.7 version, not sure whether this has been addressed in recent versions, I do not have the most recent version running at the moment.

Thank you for double checking!

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Hi @weiclav ,

That’s an odd one, so I had to try it out :wink:

I can confirm this also happens in KNIME 4.7.8 and KNIME 5.2.2

Joiner with dup names.knwf (9.3 KB)

One for the list @armingrudd …? :slight_smile:


Dear @weiclav and @takbb,

Thank you for reporting this problem. There is a ticket for this issue: AP-21776

This topic will be updated when the ticket is done.