Joiner node not working properly

Hi all!
I have an issue with Joiner node
I have two tables to be joined:

  • Common columns: User name- Business unit- Country- Week-Month- and Year
    Table 1- column B
    Table 2- column NB

So I used joiner, using as matching rows the common columns to get for the same user all the information in the same row, but I have this instead:

Here the configuration of my node

I tried with other tables and works properly, but here no, and I am getting crazy finding the error
Any idea??
Thanks in advance

Hi @Mariaper , what is it that you are saying is wrong with the output? Without knowing the input data, I cannot say whether the result is right or not. Can you describe what you expect the result to be?

You have asked for return of both Matched and Unmatched rows and these are not split on different ports, which explains why you may end up with missing values on some rows. Is that the problem?

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Hi Takbb!
This is My A table


This my B table

This is what I get

And this is my expected result

The information fo the same week- month and year should be in the same line, not in different lines

So, in table A I have the common columns and the B hours column
In the column B I have the common columns and the NB hours column
And I want a table with the common columns, the B hours column and the NB hours column with the information for the same user- week-month-year in the same row

Hi @Mariaper , from your first post, I think you are also joining on Business unit too. But in these tables Business unit is missing, so I think it won’t match missing = missing

To check if that is the issue, you could try using a Missing Value node on the Business unit column on both tables prior to the join, and set it to some other value (e.g. “unknown” or “n/a”), and then the join should work.


Hi Takbb! Yep I added N/A for all the missing values (Business unit and country) and now is working! Thank you for the advice!

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