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Hi all,

I am really new user for the knime, if my inner join output contains 0 rows I have to use left join result , or use my inner join to continue my workflow. If anyone has any suggestions how to use it.

I am so grrateful if anyone comes with the idea!

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Hi @KaviPriya and welcome to the forum.

Could you provide an example if what your inputs look like, and what the expected outcome would be? Screenshots are OK, but if you can upload the actual workflow that’s much better (assuming your data isn’t confidential).


Hi @ScottF

Thanks for replying for my question. Unfortunately my data is confidential but I am happy to share sample data that I created. Here I have an worflow with examples. Hope you can guide me in a right direction.!!

joiner.knwf (11.8 KB)

Even after looking at your workflow I’m a bit baffled about what you’re trying to do… maybe someone else has a better understanding than me. I can suggest the Empty Table Switch or the Configurable Empty Table Switch as possibilities to help with your workflow logic.


@Scott what I am trying to do here is to filter the data from my main table with my reference table B with all my columns . IF THE JOINER condition doesn’t match I have to reduce the join condition column one by one and so on

Hi @ScottF

Is this the right way of doing it ? Is it recommendable Just wanted to know . I got the output I need from this. Is this any other node to do the same ?

joiner.knwf (23.7 KB)

If it works, then it’s right I suppose :smiley:

If you are doing a series of cascading joins as part of your verification, where there is direct dependency on previous results, this seems reasonable.

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The joiner node also allows you to get a match if any of the fields map inside the configuration. Maybe that option could also applied on your usecase.

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Hi Daniel ,

Thanks for the reply.

Can you give me an example ? How I will use that?

Hi @ScottF

Thanks for the right direction !

inside the joiner configuration when you “map” the column(s) to join there is a checkbox for that to specifiy all must match or any of your join columns must match

Hi @Daniel_Weikert

Thanks for the reply, in my case it doesn’t working

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