Joiner not working - realized identical looking string have different checksum values?

Running into a bit of an issue on a join im performing here.

After testing the string from table 1 vs the same string in table 2 I realized that the md5checksum values are totally different!

The strings look identical! in length and everything.

How can I go about correcting this problem?

Welcome to the forum, @chrisshino

Can you post the workflow along with some data?

The first questions that come to mind are:

  • What’s the source of the strings?
  • Is there an extra space somewhere?
  • Are the input files being encoded the same way?

Hey thanks for responding.

They both come from excel read in files.

There is no extra space, I checked the lengths and they are both the same.

One of the files / tables I create, the other one came from an external source so im not sure how it was encoded?