Joiner same row, more input

Hello everybody,
i want to put some Data together like in the picture but in the same row! And is there any node with more input table than 2?


Hi @ThomasKondler

One solution to your question is to split the rows using a -Row Splitter- node based on the April Column. Rows with Data should go to the 1st output and rows without (missing values in April Column) to the 2nd output. Once this is done, you could filter out unwanted columns from each table (with missing values) and then use a -Column Appender- to append the right remaining columns from both split tables. Given that the rows are in the same order, the values should correspond from the left rows to the right rows. The workflow should look as follows:

If this explanation is not clear enough, please post the data as text so that we can provide you with a workflow based on your data.

Hope it helps.



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