Joiner will not join

I am having an annoying problem trying to join columns with the joiner node

I have an output from a column filter with two columns of strings which have the row ID's as  1.0, 2.0, 3.0 etc Then I have the output from an R script (3 columns of doubles) with row ID's 1,  2, 3 etc I then try to join by RowID yet all I get is an empty table. I presume it refuses to join becaue one row ID is "1.0" and the other "1"

Why does the column filter and R node name the rows differently? Is there a workaround?

Many thanks


Replying to my own problem! I think the issue comes from the XLS Excel reader node where it has picked up my integer row index as a double, i.e 1.0 rather than 1. Even if you change the row index in excel to be "text" the XLS reader still reads it as "1.0".  The only workaround I have found is to save the file as text and use the FileReader node instead of the XLS reader.

Or simply use the double to int node post the xls reader node.


Hi! I have same problem. But my column have very big values and when I use this mode these values become missing.

Hi Goger,

can you compose a small example workflow to demo your problem? This will help us finding out what's going on.



Hi Christian. I have two similar tables like example. "Number" is joining column but this column have different formats in different tables. When i use the double to int node then little values don't join. When i don't then big values don't join.

Really I found the decision already but I don't like it.

I used sequently two nodes: "number to string" and "string to number" for this column.  Formats became same and now tables join correctly.

Sorry for bad English. I hope you understand me.