Joiner with two conditions

Hi together,
my file has two tabs, “Input” and “Periods”.

I want to attach the “Wished Resulut” field from the Periods tab to the “Input” tab.
The criterion should be

  1. The date (Date KNIME)
  2. Month 2

I expect that after the joiner node the same amount of data will be contained in the table as at the beginning. Why is this not the case?
Input Table 2.0.xlsx (2.9 MB)
Question joiner two conditions.knwf (15.6 KB)

Hi @ARock1980 ,

it’s because you are doing a inner join. The missing 5k rows have no correspondence with the right table. It happens with Month 2 = “PY”.

If you test the lenght of “PY” in the second table, it is 3 char long (see below):

After cleaning white spaces, everything seems to work as desired. You can replace the column after using function “stripEnd()”.

Have a nice day,


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