Joiner won't join

For some reason, I can’t get the joiner to join in the “Translate Product IDs to Product Names” metanode and I have idea why it won’t work?

Keep in mind that the Part and Base Part numbers are much longer but for the sake of this example, I have made up shorter ones. All Part Numbers are not the same size.

AppendXLSFiles 2.knwf (2.2 MB)

Hi @AColvin6 , There are two joiners in the metanode, and the first joiner is trying to join on “Antecedent #1” , which is missing in the input data set.

I don’t know anything about the “Association Rule” node which appears to generate the “Antecedent” data in the main flow, but all the time that’s generating missing data, the joiners won’t be able to join, so I’d suggest it’s not the joiners that are the problem… it’s the data they are receiving.


Hi @takbb,

For some reason, I am not getting that error. The antecedent column actually has values.

This is what it looks like inside the metanode everything runs smoothly until the joiner:

Hi @Acolvin6, that is indeed strange.

Have you tried downloading the example workflow that you posted and running that in your environment. Maybe there’s something that changed in the data with the one you uploaded.

I wouldn’t think it would make a difference, but what version of KNIME AP are you running?

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Hey @takbb - I know right! But yes, I have. The only difference is that instead of having to split the data in that first node, I had to use the groupby node to get the data to look the same and also I had to use the string manipulation node in the beginning since the parts are different lengths. Other than that, everything is the same.

I am using 4.4.0!

Hi @AColvin6 , ok so the internals of the component in the flow I’m looking at appear like this:

so I can see there are differences to what you are showing in your picture, but on the face of it, it also looks like everything works up to the point where the joiner fails, but as you can see the output from the Ungroup is showing the missing values. Unfortunately without that data working, I’m somewhat blind in assisting with the joiner…

What values are you seeing coming out of the Ungroup when you run the sample workflow that you posted? Maybe I can work from that…

Actually @AColvin6 , what would be useful is if you could do the following -

re-run the workflow that you previously uploaded, on your system, then export it again, but when you export it, untick the “reset” option, so it doesn’t clear the data.

Then upload that flow here. That way we’ll get to see the data that you’re seeing


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