Hallo Everyone,

could someone tell me please, if there another Joiner Node, who can join more than only two Tabell ?
thank you.

Hi Hussein!

there is no such node and I can’t think of a workaround. How many tables are you joining?


Hi @hossen320,

if you want to join more than one table, you should be able to just use Joiner nodes in sequence. Could you elaborate a bit more on your problem?


hallo, i tried to build a Joiner Nodes in sequence, bit i think that the results are wrong.
could u please take a look in the “Joiner” in my Workflow. i am trying to join all the tables in one big table without duplicates, but the results are too few.



KNIME_project.knwf (3.2 MB)

Take a look if Concatenate node serve your purpose better.

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Hi Hussin,
first think about the data which you retrieve.
Do you have a “master” table which contains all key columns and all records and the other datasets only contain subsets with additional information? Based on this information you have to design your workflow and decide which nodes are the best to solve your problem (Joiner- or Concatenate node).