joining data from two tables- get empty table


i have one column - names of compounds (which i want to use as reference for the second table) ,and a table with 3 columns= compounds name, smiles, IC50. and i want to create a new table with the 3 columns which have only the molecules that match the molecules from the first table. i tried to use"Joiner" and "Reference Row Filter" but both of them give an empty table:

WARN      Joiner                             Node created an empty data table.

WARN      Reference Row Filter               Node created an empty data table.

anyone has an idea why i can't merge them ?!!





I guess the content of the compound names do not match. Could be extra whitespace, different case. Can you show example where you expect a match?


it is the same names, because the file with the one column is taken from the original file (with 3 columns), after a filteration with tanimoto similarity matrix calculation script that i wrote!

 i tried in excel to look for one molecule (from the filtered file) in the original one, and it dosn't match!! but if i look only for the number in the name, it find matches, so what's the problem here ??


I attached the files :)


Why is your canonical smiles column an SDF string? I coudn't read this CSV file correctly but excel could still display the name column. 

As aborg said you have a whitespace problem. In your filtered_molecules.csv the values in the column all have a trailing white space character. The following strings: "CHEMBL1707797" and "CHEMBL1707797 " are not the same as the second end in a space and thus you can't join these columns. You will need to remove the whitespace from the filtered_molecules.csv to get it to work. 



i used "read ascii" that's whi i get the smiles as sdf!

i"ll try to figure out why i got whitespace at the end !!


thank's guys

You can also use the string manipulation node to clean up the strings. There's a "strip" in there which you can use for this.