Joining Multiple Database Tables + Database Table Creator

Hello KNIME Team & Developers,

I’ve been searching for the answer but I couldn’t find it:

I am trying to join multiple database tables with the joiner nodes. An Excel file as an output works but I am not able to create the new Database Table as the output.

Why do I get “Node created an empty data table.” from the Console??

Thank you very much in advance. Any advice is appreciated!


At least with the new DB nodes and with Big Data the logic is somthing like:

  1. create an empty table basesd on the structure of the table you want to load
  2. load the data into your new table from the same source

If you want to make sure to create a new one, remove any existing table before. If you already have the table and want to add lines that sould also work.



Hi there @erdem_lucid,

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Couple of points:

  • Database Table Creator (legacy) node only creates table based on optional input structure which you provided from Joiner node so it is normal you get empty data table. For inserting data into database there are other nodes like Writer
  • I see you are using the legacy db nodes. I recommend the new database framework
  • Also, you can use Joiner node from database framework that works directly on database. Much faster cause it doesn’t read data into KNIME, instead pushes calculation on DB. Here is link on Joiner from new framework
  • Check this printscreen how your solution could look like:


Happy KNIMEing!



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