Joining or feeding data from a two-dimensional table

Hi I would like to know the best way in KNIME to feed the data from a two-dimensional table (Table 2) below to Table 1 in Column4. The 1st Column in Table1 & the Column header in Table2 are the MMM-YY. Please see the expected result in the last table. Sorry I don’t know any JavaScript. I don’t mind to do it in a few steps. Could someone help please?

Column1 Column2 Column3 Column4
Jan-21 100 ABC
Feb-21 50 ABC
Mar-21 250 ABC
Jan-21 200 CCC
Feb-21 300 CCC
Mar-21 20 CCC
Jan-21 10 TXE
Feb-21 340 TXE
Mar-21 500 TXE

Column1 Column2 Column3 Column4
|Header| Jan-21 Feb-21 Mar-21
ABC 1/20/2021 2/18/2021 3/17/2021
CCC 1/19/2021 2/15/2021 3/22/2021
TXE 1/10/2021 2/7/2021 3/25/2021

Expected Result
Column1 Column2 Column3 Column4
Jan-21 100 ABC 1/20/2021
Feb-21 50 ABC 2/18/2021
Mar-21 250 ABC 3/17/2021
Jan-21 200 CCC 1/19/2021
Feb-21 300 CCC 2/15/2021
Mar-21 20 CCC 3/22/2021
Jan-21 10 TXE 1/10/2021
Feb-21 340 TXE 2/7/2021
Mar-21 500 TXE 3/25/2021

Thank you

have you already tried the unpivot node?

Hi Daniel

I thought of doing the unpivoting. Not trying it yet. If I unpivot the table2, then I can use the joiner?

Thanks & best regards

Hi xeniaay,
if you get the structure right using unpivot then yes you can join based on the joining column(s) (seems the the date and abc column for you)

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Hi Daniel

Got it. Thanks


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